Thank you for your lovely workshop showing us what you can do without costing too much
— Joan - Headcorn

SPRING & SUMMER 2019 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE to be published shortly

Please register your interest below and you will be offered a first choice of dates

Left over bits used at the end of the workshop….

Left over bits used at the end of the workshop….


Workshop costs and general information

The standard cost or the spring and summer workshops (Artificial and Fresh) is £40 per person, which includes basic sundries (oasis, wires, tape and plastic containers) and refreshments. Total numbers will not exceed 4.

Additional charges to expect:

Whether you are attending an artificial or fresh flower workshop, you will also be charged the ‘cost price’ for material used. This is generally in the region of £20. I will endeavour to gather as much material as possible so avoiding excessive use of expensive fresh flowers. 

 What you need to bring:

If you have any interesting garden foliage, flowers, seed heads or a favourite container, please bring them along. I will provided florist scissors /wire cutters.

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