Cut Flowers - Give your blooms some staying power

This time of year, your garden may have a great array of greens but be lacking colour or texture. Until our spring bulbs show themselves we tend to buy a lot of cut flowers to brighten our homes in January. Here are a few ideas that I use to give your flowers more staying power.

  • It may sound obvious, but start with a clean vase. Wash with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly to kill any bacteria that will ruin your posy.

  • Always cut your stems. Before you put your new flowers in water, cut the stems this helps the flowers to take up water again. I always cut at different heights to give the arrangement interest.

  • Dip any strong stems like roses or hydrangeas in boiling water for a second before putting them in your vase.

  • Remove any leaves that will sit below the waterline.

  • Just a spoon full of sugar stirred into the water gives your blooms the sugar rush to perk them up.

  • The one we have all been waiting for.. Break dry January but giving your blooms a shot of vodka. This stops the nasties from growing in the water.

  •  Lastly position your flowers away from chilling drafts, direct sun spots and your fruit bowl.

Enjoy, Sue x