A Winter Warmer Recipe


Today is a day for a winter warmer!

We have been researching recipes for Christmas inspired drinks and we think that this one is a winner!

Hot toddy

A lovely nightcap or pick-me-up when it's cold outside.

Shared from: https://www.jamieoliver.com/drinks-tube/recipe/hot-toddy/


1 ½ parts Dewar's White Label Whisky

1/3 part honey syrup3 parts hot water

3 dried cloves, per glass

freshly squeezed lemon juice, plus a slice of lemon to garnish each glass

cinnamon sticks, to garnish each glass

How to mix

Combine the whisky, honey syrup, hot water and cloves in a toddy glass and stir gently until completely combined. Squeeze in lemon juice, to taste. Remove the cloves, then garnish with a slice of lemon and cinnamon stick.

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